Anti-Vandal Cabin Accommodation Details – AV

Anti-vandal units can be used for a variety of applications in almost any location. Offices, canteen & mess facilities, drying rooms or toilet and shower blocks, all finished in durable and high quality materials.

Secure features include an insulated steel door complete with a multi-point locking system and an anti-prise door jamb. The windows all come with hinged steel shutters operated and locked internally. All High level windows are protected with galvanised mesh grilles. The main external structure is fully welded and finished with one coat of primer and a zinc based finish coat.

All units can be stacked up to three high and come with integrated bearing points lifting lugs and fork-pockets. They may also be linked using our Link-System to provide large serviced accommodation blocks.

Standard Sizes:

  • 3.05m x 3.05m / 10ft x 10ft
  • 3.65m x 3.05m / 12ft x 10ft
  • 6.10m x 3.05m / 20ft x 10ft
  • 9.15m x 3.05m / 30ft x 10ft
  • 9.75m x 3.05m / 32ft x 10ft
  • 12.2m x 3.05m / 40ft x 10ft

All Anti-Vandal offices include as standard:

  • wall and ceiling insulation and lined with vinyl faced plasterboard
  • AMF SG windows
  • vinyl floor covering throughout
  • electric lights and switches
  • 13 Amp double power outlets
  • 2 Kw heaters on spur outlets
  • wired to I.E.E. regulations

Optional extras include:

  • Internal partitions & doors
  • Sliding glazed hatches
  • HD PVC floor cover
  • Corporate colours
  • Jack-Legs
  • Steel access stairs

ecoBoost the energy performance of your cabin with the following options:

  • Additional 50mm wall insulation, 50mm EPS Platinum roof insulation and foil-tech floor insulation
  • Timer controlled space heaters
  • PIR sensors to control lights and extract fans
  • Percussion taps
  • Dual flush toilets

Download PDF brochures below:

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